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Wooden Doll No. 9 Super Large

Wooden Doll No. 9 Super Large

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DESIGNER | Alexander Girard

The ‘super large’ version of Wooden Doll No. 9 is enlarged to a scale of 4.15:1 and measures approximately 80 centimetres in height. Like the smaller models, the super large Wooden Dolls are crafted and painted by hand – true to the originals by Alexander Girard. Although the differences may be very subtle, each specimen is in fact unique. The super large Wooden Dolls are numbered and limited to 1000 pieces per model.

Material:   Solid Fir, Hand Painted.

Packaging:   High-quality wooden gift box with printed label, brochure included.

Dimensions:   825H x 275W x 185D mm

Warranty:   2 years.

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