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Trays - Set of 3

Trays - Set of 3

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DESIGNER | Jasper Morrison

At first glance, the Trays appear to be simple, flat dishes made of plastic. They were, however, developed by Jasper Morrison as a set of three, in carefully harmonised colours and sizes, in accordance with his 'super normal' design philosophy. They can be readily combined, and are also perfect companions for Morrison's Rotary Tray and High Tray. The understated Trays tidy up any space while also adding a decorative accent.

Materials:   Textured ABS Plastic.

Finishes: Green Set, Red Set

Small 180dia
Medium 290dia
Large 400dia

Packaging:  Set of 3.

Warranty:   2 years.

Lead time: 2 - 4 weeks

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