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Stack Sofa

Stack Sofa

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Stack is a cushion casually tossed on top of another cushion. The sofa is merely a magnification of this all-too-common scenery. In order to convert the soft features of a cushion, an object with a frameless structure, into a structured piece of furniture, hidden elements were added to join the stacked elements together, securing them in such a way as to remain invisible.

Though the placement of the cushions might appear random, it actually took careful consideration and numerous prototypes to determine the best configuration. The production was conducted with extra effort and care in order to lend the design an effortless and care-free look. 

Materials: Upholstery

Finishes: Dedar Alouette 005, Rohi Credo Diamond, Kvadrat Atrium Outdoor, Rubelli Fabthirty Ruggine, Rubello Martora Oro Vecchio

Pouf with cushion 2000 x 900 x 650Hmm, 2400 x 1550 x 800Hmm, 2400 x 1800 x 740Hmm
Pouf with 2 cushions 3140 x 1800 x 900Hmm

Origin: France

Warranty: 2 years

Lead time: 20 - 24 weeks

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