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Soufflé Mirror

Soufflé Mirror

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DESIGNER | Luca Nichetto

With a playful design and an inflated appearance, Soufflé mirror borrows the French expression for ‘blown’ to name itself, emphasising its more evident and distinctive feature. A frame by the puffy and light appearance of a balloon hides inside a fiberglass structure and contains the arch-shaped surface of the full-length mirror.

The tubular fixture, while guaranteeing a variable support point, both on the wall and on the ground, it allows the mirror to assume the ideal position, to adapt accordingly to the environment. Its finishing amplifies the reflectivity, making Soufflé mirror to stand as a functional yet decorative object.

Materials: Liquid-Painted Metal, Mirror 

Finishes: Coral, Menthol, Prune

Dimensions: 915 x 160 x 2005Hmm


Warranty: 2 years

Lead time: 20 - 24 weeks

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