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Pipaio Side Table

Pipaio Side Table

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DESIGNER | Julie Richoz

Introducing the Pipaio, a stunning addition to any modern interior. Crafted with precision and passion, these tables are a testament to the beauty of solid wood. Designed by Julie Richoz, each element is carefully balanced to form a vibrating ensemble, with perfectly executed and invisible joinery giving the impression of effortless assembly. The wooden sticks holding up the top or bowl create a sense of lightness, inspired by the image of a waiter balancing a tray with the fingers of their hand spread open. Richoz’s eclectic mix of references, from ancient Egyptian furniture to modern wooden kid’s toys, results in a playful, surprising, and structurally sound design. The Pipaio tables provide a flawless stage for the play of light and shadow, showcasing the beauty of the wood’s grain.

With a small base, these tables are easy to grab and move around, making them a practical yet stylish choice for any space. Invest in the Pipaio for a touch of effortless craftsmanship in your home or office.


Cherry Stained, Black Oiled, Dark Red Oiled 

Ø350 x 350H mm 


Lead time
20 - 24 weeks

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