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Petit Signes Accessories

Petit Signes Accessories

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DESIGNER | Elena Salmistraro

Petits Signes is a line of accessories created by the Italian designer and artist Elena Salmistraro. Figurines, vases, flowers, trinket bowls, set squares, mugs, etc. Ceramic objects, all with a fun and poetic twist, unequivocally decorative, to bring a dash of sensibility and harmony into any kind of daily environment.

Elena has developed a strong and special bond with ceramics. For this series, she specifically chose a malleable, eco-friendly and elegant ceramic material. Made in Italy by the renowned Bosa, an expert company in this ancestral art.

Materials: Ceramic

Dahlia 90 x 10 x 590Hmm
Passiflora 80 x 10 x 610Hmm
Loto 90 x 10 x 590Hmm
Dicentra 70 x 10 x 600Hmm
Orchidea 110 x 10 x 580Hmm
Cacto 180 x 180 x 310Hmm
Dhama 120 x 100 x 200Hmm
Baiadera big 80 x 80 x 100Hmm
Baiadera small 50 x 50 x 60Hmm
Gea 80 x 80 x 150Hmm
Lea 300 x 300 x 80Hmm
Ida 130 x 130 x 300Hmm
Ila 2230 x 230 x 150Hmm
Experimental sequence carafes 155 x 130 x 485Hmm
Foki 120 x 100 x 200Hmm
Jimi 110 x 80 x 210Hmm
Candelo 176 x 176 x 300Hmm 
Temple 120 x 120 x 100Hmm

Refer to La Manufacture website for styles and colours available.

Warranty: 2 years

Lead time: 20 - 24 weeks


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