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Olive Oil

Olive Oil

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Brand | Monkalino 

Monkalino, olio d’oliva extra vergine, has come a long way since its humble ‘mat press method’ beginnings. Using organic practices, the refined and sophisticated product you experience today is a result of continued investment in machinery and technology.  

Monkalino's new Superiore Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sage 500ml, is formulated from a combination of the finest Frantoio and Coratina olives. Sourced from Fleurieu Peninsula and Mount Compass area of South Australia, this particular blend is packed with a robust and peppery flavour.

Experienced tasters can pick up notes of green apple, rocket and garden mint with a hint of fennel. A subtle nuttiness to the blend and a delicate peppery finish makes it the perfect accompaniment to salads, pasta, fish crudo or simply a piece of crusty bread. 

As they at Monkalino “simplicity in life is often best, and best shared with company.”

Monkalino EVOO is versatile and stable enough for cooking.

Bottle: Buff 750ml, Sage Superior 500ml

Origin: Australia 

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