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Moro Armchair

Moro Armchair

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DESIGNER | Sebastian Herkner

Moro is a cosy cocoon of a chair. Named after a famous Venetian Doge, the design evokes the strong personality of an Italian palazzo’s lush interior. A warm and welcoming atmosphere that could never be forgotten. The chair consists of a single rounded volume, like a shell designed to make the user feel safe wrapped in its comforting arms.

‘Moro’s shape is inspired by castanets, cheerful and sensuous finger clappers used as percussion instruments. The design is both low and ample, with stable feet blending into an enveloping back. It is entirely upholstered in any of a range of rich materials: sheepskin, leather, smooth velour, etc. Its uniquely distinctive design will make this chair a valued element in any interior.

Materials: Upholstery

Rubelli Coriandoli Green, Cedar Mammoth 001, Dedar Nimbus 010, Torri Di Lână 005, Sorensen Dune Cognac, Skandilock Moonlight Sheepskin

Dimensions: 797 x 800 x 785Hmm

Origin: France

Warranty: 2 years

Lead time: 20 - 24 weeks

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