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Giopato & Coombes

Gioielli Ceiling/Wall

Gioielli Ceiling/Wall

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DESIGNER | Cristina Giopato & Christopher Coombes

The Gioielli are composed of different combinations of "precious stones", a disk in brass with a "raw" materic surface obtained through meticulous handwork done directly on the model; an emerald green "gem" in blown Murano glass with a particular "battuto" finish; the spherical crystal lens enclosed in a cylinder of shaped brass.

murano glass
lost wax cast brass
turned brass
acrylic lens

brushed brass, acrylic lens

Ceiling/Wall 01 350 x 90 x 510Hmm
Ceiling/Wall 02 590 x 90 x 840Hmm
Ceiling/Wall 03 360 x 90 x 390Hmm
Ceiling/Wall 04 350 x 90 x 1400Hmm
Ceiling/Wall 05 410 x 90 x 560Hmm
Ceiling/Wall 06 460 x 90 x 540Hmm
Ceiling/Wall 07 120 x 90 x 410Hmm
Ceiling/Wall 09 350 x 120 x 450Hmm
Ceiling/Wall 10 350 x 120 x 640Hmm
Ceiling/Wall 11 140 x 120 x 300Hmm

Light Source
4.5W 2700K 350mA per gem

Phase Cut
1-10 Volt

Electrical Specifications
CE: 110-240v 50-60Hz
North American Wiring: 110-240v 50-60Hz

Warranty 2 Years

Lead time: 20 - 24 weeks

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