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Chaise Tout Bois

Chaise Tout Bois

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DESIGNER | Jean Prouvé

Some designs from the past remain unsurpassed and never lose their vitality or relevance. This is certainly true for the Standard Chair and the Chaise Tout Bois by French designer and ‘constructeur’ Jean Prouvé.

Vitra’s Chaise Tout Bois chair, designed in 1941, borrows its functionalist form from Prouvé’s iconic Standard chair. Made entirely of wood, Chaise Tout Bois was born out of necessity. As metal was scarce due to World War II, the metal parts of the Standard chair were replaced with wood, thus resulting in Chaise Tout Bois, “all wood chair”.

Material:  Solid Oak, Moulded Plywood veneer, non stackable, natural lacquer finish

Finishes: Natural Oak or Dark Oak

Dimensions:  460W x 490D x 805Hmm.

Origin: Germany

Lead time 12 - 24 weeks

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