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DESIGNER | Hella Jongerius

The Vlinder sofa is perfectly complemented by Bovist, a stool, ottoman and floor pillow whose motif and colour scheme are inspired by the sofa's design with a lively pattern in four unique colour combinations.

The textile cover bears the Dutch designer's distinctive signature and pushes the boundaries of modern weaving technology: eight colours with yarns of two different thicknesses comprise the various levels of seven different jacquard weaves.

Filing: Synthetic beads 
Upholstery cover: Tailored Fabric, 87% new wool, 7% cotton, 6% polyamide
Bottom Cover: Pure UK: Volo

Finishes: Light reds, Light greens, Dark reds, Dark greens

Dimensions: 540dia x 380Hmm

Warranty 2 Years

Lead time 12 - 24 weeks, some stock in AUS

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