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Wavy Handles

Wavy Handles

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The Wavy range of ceramic hardware provides a tactile experience for users, enhancing cabinetry and furniture. Undulating lines form a repeated pattern which evoke a sense of illusive movement. The glaze pools, and breaks, as it melts along the edges of the rippled surface. 

Three different designs in the range offer a variety of options; the Wavy Long Handle provides a texture that spans full length providing a smooth and comfortable grip, and a sense of continuity. The Wavy Bottom has a more subtle and refined look, while the Wavy Top offers a bolder and more visually striking statement. 

Design: Phoebe Kretschmer (SA)
Manufacture: JamFactory Ceramics Studio (SA)

Stoneware Clay and Glaze

Chiffon, Khaki, Orange, Metallic Gold

Wavy Top, Wavy Bottom, Wavy Long

Wavy Top + Wavy Bottom:  H 40mm x W 50mm
Wavy Long: H 30mm x W 93mm

Care Instructions
Hand wash with warm soapy water.

Lead time: 1 week

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