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VDM Publication | Plastik: Remaking Our World

VDM Publication | Plastik: Remaking Our World

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Designer | Vitra Design Museum

Mark Miodownik, Susan Freinkel, and Nanjala Nyabola each contribute an essay that sheds light on the history of plastics from 1850 to today. A material-rich visual chronology illustrates how consumers’ perception of plastics has changed over the decades.

Brief descriptions of a selection of 40 objects from renowned collections examine the importance of plastics for material culture. Reprints of fundamental texts about the history of plastics – from Alexander Parkes (1865) to Max Liboiron (2018) – provide a context from the history of ideas. The book reflects the current discourse and state of research on plastic with numerous individual interviews and panel discussions that were held with designers, representatives from industry, researchers, and environmental activists. Underpinning these conversations are comprehensive data visualizations on plastic production and consumption, recycling.

Details: 256 pages, approx. 200 images, Softcover embossed with flaps

Dimensions:  195 x 265Hmm

Lead time: 12 - 14 weeks

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