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Metal Wall Reliefs

Metal Wall Reliefs

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DESIGNER | Alexander Girard 1965

The Metal Wall Reliefs are ornamental examples of wall decorations created by Alexander Girard for various interior design projects. The dove of peace first made an appearance in Girard's work in 1965 and was used repeatedly throughout his creative life and career in a variety of manners – such as for various textile applications, on his Tree of Life or in his legendary graphic design work for Braniff Airlines. Selected in cooperation with the Girard family, the motifs for the Metal Wall Reliefs are made of robust metal materials.

Material:  powder-coated sheet metal. incl. assembly materials


Dove - W403 x H181 x D42mm

International Heart - W600 x H485 x D42mm

Little Heart - W270 x H240 x D42mm

Magic Snake - W966 x H99 x D17mm

Sun - 600⌀ x D60mm

Origin: Germany

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