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Gardian Stool

Gardian Stool

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DESIGNER | Patrick Norguet

For the Gardian stool by designer Patrick Norguet, the concept of seating was reduced to its most minimal expression, reaching the greatest simplicity possible. A movable piece of furniture designed for occasional use and to be useful in any sort of context: at work or by a bedside, around a dining table or behind a desk.

Inspired by totemic headrests from Africa, it is reduced here to its most elementary function: supporting the body in a seated position. Its design borrows from the proud head of bull herds, while its name is a direct reference to the men who keep them, the gardians of Camargue.

Materials: Upholstery, Wooden Handle (optional)

Dedar: Karandash 004, Lupo 005, Nimbus 010
Rubelli: Thiry Bianco
Sorensen: Dune Cognac
Skandilock: Moonlight Sheepskin

Dimensions: 511 x 347 x 498Hmm
Option with or without Handle

Origin: France

Warranty: 2 years

Lead time: 20 - 24 weeks

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